Educational and Charitable trust (AFECT)

Al-Falaq Educational and Charitable trust (AFECT) is a registered non-profit public charitable trust. Dr. Abdul-Raheem Moulana is the founder Chairman of the trust.It was established in July, 2002 to promote the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam.


  • Peace and Blessings of Allah (ST) be on the Noble Messengers, Prophets and our beloved Prophet Muhammad who said:
  • "Amongst you they are the virtuous, who learn the Quran and teach it to others."

  • The Main Object of AL-FALAQ Educational & Charitable Trust (AFECT) is to covey the message of Allah (ST) to one and all and to remove the misconceptions about Islam and the Quran, by distributing the Glorious Quran and its translations to as many people as possible. We are using the Print, Electronic, Audio, Video and other media in the best of our capacity and means for this purpose. The trust is striving its level best to supply the Quran and its translations through all the media to as many people as possible. So that by reading the Quran people may understand that, the Quran is guiding the people aright and the misconceptions about Islam and Quran are removed.
  • The other Object of the trust is also to present the Authentic Ahaadees (the Sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAS) in Telugu and other languages using Print, Electronic, Audio, Video and other media in the best of our capacity and means.
  • The Object of the trust is also to prepare an Arabic-Telugu Dictionary -as till now there is no such dictionary available in the market. We have started to work on it.
  • The Object of the trust is also to prepare Arabic Grammar in Telugu.
  • The trust is trying its level best to spread the message of Allah and the Authentic Sayings of our beloved Prophet (SAS), to the remote villages. There are about 78,000 villages and Eighty Million (8,00,00,000) telugu speaking people. So far we have distributed about 30,000 copies of the Telugu Translation of the Glorious Quran with the title: "DIVYA QURAN SANDESHAM" translated by Dr. Abdul-Raheem Mohammed Moulana. Even to give one Quran to one Masjid in each Village, we need at least 100,000 Copies.
  • The trust is distributing as much possible freely, 1. Quran Translation, Hard Copies
  • Quranic Recitations: 2. Only Telugu MP3 CDs, 3. Arabic-Telugu MP3-DVDs, 4. Arabic-Telugu Audio-Video CDs, for Computers &5. Arabic-Telugu Audio-Video DVDs for household View CD Players.
  • The trust is helping to run schools in remote villages to teach Quranic Arabic and Ahaadees, to remove illiteracy from the people. At present it is running 10 schools. If the trust has more means it can run more schools.
  • Your Co-operation, Generous Contributions for this purpose are welcome & highly appreciated.
Each copy of the Quran with Telugu Translation costs only INR. 200/-(US$ 5), Any one interested to contribute in the distribution of the Glorious Quran are welcome.

AL-FALAQ (SHANTHI KIRANALU) Educational & Charitable Trust   Registered Charity, H.No. 2-6-7/MAK/A/506, Upperpally, Rajendernagar Hyderabad- 500028, A.P.
Ph: +91-9652468568, Saudi Arabia: +966 503529194   Email:,